Pavement Preservation Methods

There are a great variety of pavement preservation methods being used today. We at Coughlin Company offer innovative  methods that should be considered on any job that would typically be a conventional "Mill and Fill", Overlay, or reconstruct due to poor base structural integrity. Our methods have been proven over and over again with substantial time and cost savings.  As shown in the first table, timing is important. Letting your roads slip to far down the PCI curve before applying proper  preservation treatments, such as CIR, CCPR, or FDR will cost you much more in the long run. These Pavement Preservation methods can extend the life of your pavement for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Pavement Condition Index

 The following chart can help you decide which method would work best in your situation.

Choosing Which preservation method







Full Depth Reclamation Cold In Place Recycling Central Plant Recycling